Spinning vs. Running

I typically engage in cardio exercises that involve standing up, such as running on the treadmill (or outside) or riding on the elliptical. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had this notion that sitting while exercising is not as effective as standing while exercising. Now I know that it depends on your goals and what you define “effective” as, but for some reason I just always enter the gym and head straight for the treadmills. Rarely do I use any other cardio equipment.


Yesterday on the other hand was a totally different story. I finally decided to change up my routine, test my notion, and take a spin class. Although I have taken a few spinning classes here and there, (about 4 years ago) I still felt like a complete newbie when I entered the studio. I had a hard time adjusting the seat, as well as getting the pedals strapped around my sneakers.


I almost decided to leave before the instructor showed up and go run instead, but just as that thought crossed my mind, she came beaming through the door. I definitely had to go through with it now, and honestly I’m glad that I did. Spinning is a SERIOUS workout! It was nice to engage in a workout led by a motivational instructor, with fast paced music specifically chosen for that class. The instructor did a great job of leading the class through several cycling tours that simulated steep hills, as well as flat terrains. Oh ya, it’s also super intense, I left the gym sweating way more than I usually do!

This was no leisurely bike ride around the town, it was more like an extreme ride through the mountains! I guess my notion was way off because I actually really enjoyed spinning! I wouldn’t say that it will ever replace a good old fashion run, but it definitely gets the heart pumping, and is quite fun too! I am absolutely going to incorporate more spinning into my workouts. Even though I wasn’t standing, I’d say that I got an equal or even better workout that I normally do! It could just have been that it was something new for me, but hey, sometimes we all need a little change to shake up our routines! Right?


Have you ever done spinning? Do you enjoy it?

What do you like better? Running or spinning? Why?