An Eventful Weekend

Hi guys!

How was your weekend? Mine involved lots of friends, family and of course food!

On Friday night I met up with a few of the girls who I use to work with when I worked at Sorellina Restaurant.  Sorellina is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Boston. I worked there all through college and I absolutely loved it! I learned a great deal, and met so many diverse people that I am proud to call my lifelong friends. Although I haven’t talked to some of them for months, I love how we are able to pick up right where we left off!

We decided to relive some of our favorite years by going back to Sorellina for dinner. I have not been there for about two years now, and am happy to say that not all that much has changed. The decor is still modern and sleek, the staff is still friendly and the food is still as delicious as ever.

It was about 9pm by the time we sat down to eat, so needless to say I was starving! We placed our orders and then proceeded to update each other on whats currently going on in our lives. While doing so, we were pleasantly surprised when our server brought over a sample of the mushroom truffle risotto for all of us to try. We didn’t order this, but since the staff is so nice they sent us over a complementary appetizer portion to taste. Boy oh boy, am I sure glad they did! The rice was thick and the truffle flavor was extremely rich. The portion size was perfect, any bigger and I might have been too full to enjoy the other courses.

Next, our server brought over the appetizers that we actually did order. I chose the beet salad because it was my all the time favorite appetizer to order when I used to work there (and I have a mild obsession with beets too!). It involved a combination of red and golden beets piled on top of Vermont goat cheese, and sprinkled with clementine vinaigrette. Those three flavors mixed together basically created a party in my mouth! YUM!

Soon after our appetizers, there was yet ANOTHER surprise! The kitchen sent us a sample of one of their newest pasta dishes; The “Cappellacci”, which are burrata filled “little hats,” served in a light tomato sauce and topped with some Parmesan cream.  I had never tasted anything like these before, the cheese would ooze out of the thick pasta as soon as I cut one open. The union of all three flavors worked really well together, and I am happy that I got to try this dish!

Even though I was quite full by this point, I still had room for my entree. I decided on the halibut which was served under a thick and buttery lobster sauce alongside some truffled cauliflower and small pieces of lobster.  The fish was light and broke apart easily. The sauce, cauliflower and small lobster pieces gave it an exquisite flavor. I finished almost all of it, and only left a few bites on my plate.

For dessert we ordered the “Ciocolato”  which is a warm molted chocolate cake served with vanilla gelato on the side. I was definitely over maximum capacity at this point, so I only had a very small bite. I have got to say that this cake is probably on of the best desserts on the planet. I know because I have had it before on multiple occasions. If you are a chocolate lover you must try this ASAP. It will change your life, but just be ready for an intense sugar high after!

Overall I had a superb weekend! I got to spend time with my girlfriends while enjoying an outstanding dinner.  I highly recommend Sorellina Restaurant to anyone who is looking for an incredible fine dining experience. The prices are a bit high, but the wonderful service, terrific food and overall experience make it all worth it!

What did you do this weekend?

What is your favorite fine dining restaurant?