To go out or not to go out?

Last night Matteo and I headed down to Brasserie JO located in the Colonnade Hotel for his annual work holiday party.

I’m not going to lie, I love to go out and see new places, but I try to keep it to a weekend affair. I was a little skeptic about going and losing out on some beauty ZzZ’s, but I’m glad I did! Brasserie JO is a great place to hold a function and we both had a nice time. The location is prime and the French decor gives it a sensational ambiance. It was also the perfect excuse to wear my brand new dress!

They offered several stations of food all around the room, all of which looked and smelled absolutely delicious. I was about to make myself a plate, but then noticed the sushi bar! I immediately dropped my plate and headed towards the jam-packed group of people line.

After waiting for about 20 minutes we were finally able to get our hands on some sushi! I could tell that the sushi was fresh, because the chefs were making it right in front of us, hence the super long line.

I literally grabbed as many pieces as I could and packed them on top of each other while Matteo held the plate. At that point, we were hungry, and not in the mood to wait around for seconds! Apologies in advance for the lousy photos, but its the best I could do given the circumstances!

Soon after we finished scarfing down eating our food we mingled for a little while¬† and anxiously awaited the raffle. Some of the prizes offered were IPads, gift cards, Dunkin Donuts gift cards and Starbucks gift cards. We decided to put most of our tickets into the pool for the coffee related gift cards, and only one for the IPad. Unfortunately, our strategy didn’t pan out because our numbers weren’t called :( . Oh well, maybe next time we will put all of our tickets into one prize, in order to increase our chances!

Although I was quite tired this morning, it was well worth it because I had a fantastic Tuesday night! I am definitely going to give Brasserie JO another visit, and try out some of the other options that they offer.

Do you prefer going to parties that offer stations of food or a sit down dinner?

I prefer stations because I can make my own portions and am able to try a little bit of everything!