Is Tea One Of Nature’s Wonder Drugs?

Good morning! It's no secret that I am a HUGE coffee drinker. My mother started letting me have coffee around 5 years old. In Italian households, coffee is a staple, therefore my parents never had a problem letting their children enjoy a cup or … [Continue reading]

Daily Dose of Life Advice


Good afternoon friends! Hope everyone is doing great. It's quite a dreary day today (in Boston), but if you are reading this post, you are one of the lucky one's who was granted the opportunity to live yet another day! Bravo! Sorry for the … [Continue reading]

Energy Boosting Foods Before a Run

fresh oranges

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a spectacular day! Today I have a special guest post for you about two of my favorite topics - running and food! Enjoy :) Energy Boosting Foods Before a Run Running is one of the best feelings in the … [Continue reading]

Italian Running Playlist

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Happy Monday!!! Hope you are all doing fabuloussssss! Today I want to share with you my favorite Italian Running Playlist. It's no secret that music is an essential part of my running routine. It's not that I can't run without music, but my … [Continue reading]

Motivation to Run

team in training

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. Boston's weather has been incredible! No complaints over here, other than not wanting it to end of course! Weekend Run On Saturday, my Team in Training team and I ran … [Continue reading]

5 Lessons Running Has Taught Me About Life


Happy Monday everyone! This week has been a tough one for me. I've been battling an ear infection, cold and (annoying) cough ever since last Wednesday. I'm not sure why I have gotten sick so many times this year, but I am sooooo ready to be done … [Continue reading]

Using Glass Jars To Enhance Your Kitchen

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Good morning! Today I want to share with you and easy and effective way to keep your kitchen clean and organized, without too much effort. Since the kitchen is typically the room that gets used most often is many households, it is certain that it … [Continue reading]

Team in Training – Where Your Donations Go


Good morning all! So my marathon training has officially started! Last Saturday was my first long run of the season, 5 miles! It doesn't sound like much, but considering my lack of running and the 80+ degree temperatures, it felt more like 10 … [Continue reading]

My Segment on FOX News

wedding dress

It's been quite sometime since I wrote a modeling post, hasn't it? Yesterday, I was honored to model on FOX News for L'elite & Musette Bridal in Boston! It was a super fun experience. I absolutely loved the wedding dress that I got to wear, it … [Continue reading]

Corporate Challenge & Team Updates!


Good Morning & Happy FRIDAY! Lots to update you guys on this fine Friday morning, so let's get right to it, shall we? Corporate Challenge Yesterday was my first time participating in the J.P Morgan Corporate Challenge. In case you've … [Continue reading]