5 Easy Ways to Achieve Elegance

There are bound to be new trends that come out every season, but a classic sort of beauty works no matter what time of the year it is. Audrey Hepburn had it, Princess Di had it and Sophia Loren still has it – that ability to classy, no matter what they wear.



Dressing elegantly does not have to do with spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. It’s more so about, having the right signature pieces in your closet, the most flattering color combinations along with the grace, poise and overall positive attitude that an elegant woman portrays.

Top 5 Tips on How to Achieve Elegance

Tailored clothing – In order to be elegant you must have clothes that fit you, regardless of your body size or shape. Nothing too tight or too loose-fitting.

Less is More - Quiet well-bred accessories, or one big statement piece. Wearing big earings? Great – there’s no need for a long necklace, bracelets and rings too.

Unclutter Your Closet - Elegance cannot be found in midst of clutter. Clean out your closet, donate old clothes and decide which styles look best on your body.

Make Rollers Your Best Friend – It may sound old school, but rollers give your hair the kind of “bounce” you just can’t achieve with a curling iron. Setting you hair in rollers is quick and easy and should take no more that 15 minutes. While they are working their magic, utilize your time by doing your makeup, getting dressed and going about your morning routine. Before you know it, your roots will have the perfect amount of volume and your ends will have just the right amount of flip.

Confidence, Poise & Self-Esteem - True elegance can only be achieved by portraying a sense of confidence, poise and self-esteem. Know who YOU are and more importantly LOVE who you are! Treat yourself and your body well. Good food, exercise, alone time and time with family & friends. Be positive. Be inspiring. Be Elegant.


What are your tips on how to achieve elegance?




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