How to Motivate Yourself to Workout AFTER Work

While I LOVE to exercise, there are several instances where I really just don’t feel like working out (even though I should). Let’s face it, after a long day of work, sitting on the couch, surfing the net and vegging out sound so much more appealing than tackling the gym.

While I wish I could workout in the morning, it’s just not an option for me. My inability to get to bed before 11 p.m sometimes gets the best of me, which makes working out in the morning even more difficult than the evening.

So how is one supposed to get motivated to workout after a long day, especially when it’s the last thing you want to do? Well my friends, it is definitely easier said than done, but it IS doable and is DOES get easier, I promise!

If you know that you need to workout, but sometimes lack that extra push, then I suggest you try these 5 simple tips to help you get motivated to workout AFTER work.

1) Take a Class or Get a Buddy

Working out with other people who are excited to workout is contagious. When you exercise alone, you really need to dig deep for that intrinsic motivation that is sometimes missing after a long and stressful day. If you belong to a gym, checkout some of the classes that they offer such as Zumba, BodyPump or Barre.


Alternatively, you can work out with a partner such as a friend, co-worker or significant other. Group support is powerful and keeps you accountable.

2) Pack Your Clothes

The night before you go to work, pack a bag with all of your clothes, sneakers, towel, water etc. This will enable you to go straight to the gym directly after work, versus having an excuse to go home. Once you go home to change, you may be tempted to just stay home and avoid working out all together.

If you must go home, because your gym is in your building or in your home, then try to avoid sitting or starting any other errands that are staring you in the face. Create a habit of changing immediately, and you will be less likely to skip your workout.

3) Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Schedule your workouts into your calendar just as you would any other important appointment. You wouldn’t cancel on a doctor’s appointment that you had on your calendar for months, so treat your exercise dates the same way.

4) Sign up for a Race

Nothing motivates me more than signing up for a race. Most of the races I do are to benefit a great charity, which makes me feel like my run is meaningful.


Don’t worry if running is not your thing because not all races involve running. There are several walk-a-thons, mud runs, bicycle races and much more. Find out what you like and invite your friends and family to participate or come watch!

5) Change Your Outlook

Instead of dreading  exercising after work, try to look forward to it. Working out is something GOOD that you are doing for your body. It is something that gives you control over your health and well-being, and helps you to unwind, destress and have some “me time”.

While at work, try to think to yourself I can’t wait until my workout! Instead of  Ugh, I don’t believe I have to workout after this. Most of what we do it 90% mental. If you anticipate having a great workout all day, then you will most likely enjoy it and will be less likely to skip it.


Do you workout before or after work?

How do you motivate yourself to workout?



  1. These are all great tips. I have a really hard time working out after work/school UNLESS I’m with my team or going to zumba. Even with my team I just wish I had gotten my run in earlier. But the classes always seem to motivate me because it’s something fun I’m doing. When I’m enjoying it, it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m not sure what I’ll do once I’m in the working world though.
    Sarah @Pickyrunner recently posted..Branching outMy Profile

  2. I cannot “do” morning workouts, and believe me – I’ve tried soo hard to be one of those a.m. folks. I just cannot do it! I’m just really clumsy, tired and hungry in the morning. So! I just do it immediately after work, instead. Works out – but I most definitely have to be more organized that way. Due to the fact that I don’t get home now until 8pm and THEN get supper on the go. Organizing is key, but doesn’t always happen… lol.
    Nancy recently posted..My watch collectionMy Profile

    • I totally agree! I can do morning workouts just not EARLY morning workouts. Unfortunatley I need to be at work by 8:30 a.m which means that it is way too early to wakeup at 5 a.m!

  3. Great post. I find it hard to exercise after school/ lab especially after those 12 hour days :( Signing up for a class with a friend is an amazing way to get yourself motivated and works well for me!
    Nadiya @ Milk and Honey on the Run recently posted..Hot Yoga is not that Innocent!My Profile

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