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Happy Hump Day!

Today I’m in a great mood because I’ll be meeting a few of my close friends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  I love this time of the year for so many reasons, but most of all I love the sense of togetherness that Christmas brings out.

Since we are on the topic of Christmas, I figured I would chime in on this Christmas survey on Courtney’s blog yesterday. I love surveys and I’m all about Christmas right now, so it’s a perfect combination!

1. Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? It’s hard to choose just one Christmas song because I love so many of them! I’d have to say that my all time favorite Christmas song is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”. I’m also loving the Lady Antebellum and Cee Lo Green Christmas albums, along with all of the holiday tunes that can be found on my 2012 Christmas Playlist!


2. Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? I don’t think I have ever worked out/ran on Christmas, is the gym even open? Cold weather running isn’t fun for me, plus if I’m going to take a day off, I think Christmas is the perfect excuse!

 3.What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? YOGURT! Haha, bet you would have never guessed that one! My family doesn’t have a specific tradition for Christmas morning breakfast. We usually just have what is available in the cupboard/fridge.

4. Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition? Having my family over on Christmas Eve and feasting on tons and TONS of seafood. In the Italian tradition, Christmas Eve is spent celebrating the “Feast of the 7 Fishes” although I think we have closer to 17 fishes!

5. Real tree, fake tree or no tree? Fake. I’ve actually never had the experience of going to cut down a real tree before. I’d like to have a real tree at least once in my life, but for now I’ll stick to the artificial since it’s easier to cleanup!

6. Christmas pajamas… yay or nay? Not anymore, but when I was younger, my grandmother would buy my cousins and I matching PJ’s. On Christmas Eve we would open them up, put them on and laugh about the fact that we were all matching.

8. Food that you always have during the holiday season? Favorite Christmas food/treat? Well I already mentioned the whole “Feast of the 7 Fishes”, but I also love the Mexican Wedding Cookies that my mom and I started making last year. They are adorable, delicious and resemble little snowballs!

9. Open presents all at once or take turns? When I was younger, we would go crazy and open every single present in a matter of 10 minutes. Now that we have groen up (a little), we take turns opening up each present one by one.

10. Favorite Christmas(ish) movie? That’s a tough one! I’d have to go with ELF or Jack Frost.


I want to know! What are your answers to some the Christmas Survey questions?



  1. My favorite Chistmas-ish movie is The Holiday. I watch it over and over this time of year (and really just all the time) ;)
    Amanda @ Romancing the Unusual recently posted..Cleaning up the dietMy Profile

  2. I just filled this out last night to use at a later time… perhaps on Christmas? Elf is hands down the best Christmas movie ever made. I never stop laughing and can quote every line at this point.
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Finals Week Comfort FoodsMy Profile

  3. Christmas Eve is my favorite because of the all the seafood! I love the Italian tradition. When I was younger I absolutely HATED it but as I got older, I became to appreciate seafood! Things have changed over the years so we’ll probably go out for Christmas Eve dinner (so un-Italian).

    Do you do a lot of cookie baking besides the Mexican wedding cookies? I’m giving Paleo biscotti a try this year! ;)
    Maria @ Pappa Don’t Preach recently posted..2012 Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness EnthusiastMy Profile

  4. Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD is a great one! A classic in our house ;)
    we grew up with a fake tree, but these past few years we still have the fake tree in one room and now get a real tree for the family room. Love it ;)

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