How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’ s that time of the year people! In case you haven’t heard, Christmas time is officially here, and you know what that means! Extra calories are lurking at just about every corner-free donuts at the office, invitations to cookie swap parties, eggnog for breakfast and candy canes in your stocking.

During the holiday season it is very easy to fall into the trap of  eating all you want, because the holidays are only “once a year”. Although that may be true, gaining weight around this time of the year can be completely avoidable.

When it comes to the holidays, staying slim can be a challenge. Following these simple tips will allow you to enjoy your festivities, without gaining a pound!

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Do not arrive hungry This goes for any party, not just a holiday party. Try to have a nutritious snack prior to any holiday gathering. Plan ahead so that you will be satisfied with a few small tastings, rather than overeating due to arriving starving.

Limit Alcohol-This isn’t only about the calories found in the alcohol itself, but about the control you lose once you start to drink it. If you drink a lot you may not be able to control how much you eat. Limit yourself to a glass of wine or two, and remember to sip slowly. Better yet, sip some water or club soda, so that you have something to carry like everyone else, but aren’t reeking havoc on your diet.

Be selective-When it comes to dessert, pick and choose them wisely. Do not indulge in something that is not sensual to you. If you hate cookies, but are eating them because they are he only dessert available, you are going to regret it later. Instead pick a small portion of a dessert you truly enjoy, and indulge in that.

Bring your own food- If you are going to a friends holiday gathering or an office party, most of the time you are encouraged to bring something. Why not bring a healthy dish/dessert, so that you will know that there is something you will be able to enjoy? Some examples are a large salad filled with seasonal ingredients, a fruit platter or some bite sized cookies or cupcakes.

Exercise!!!- Do not slack off on your usual exercise routines just because it is the holidays. Instead, kick up your fitness level a notch by adding an extra 10 minutes to your run, or and extra day of weights to your schedule.  Remember those gingerbread cookies you had with lunch last week? Engaging in a little extra movement throughout the season, will make you feel like they never happened!

Enjoy the Festivities Try to focus on the activities instead of the food. Parties are great places to network and meet new people. The holidays are not only about food. Fill up on family and friendship!

Aim for Weight Maintenance not Weight Loss- The holiday’s are not the most ideal time to start a new diet plan. You will most likely over indulge a little here and there, and that’s OK.  If you aim to maintain your weight instead of lose it, you will have a better chance of being successful.


What are some ways that you avoid weight gain during the holidays?



  1. i am ALL about bringing my own food (preferably a nice BIG salad) going crazy on it and then helping myself to a few small portions of the real indulgences!! I AM trying to lose weight this holiday season and so far so good! Holiday indulgence doesn’t have to be a month worth…it’s really only 4 or 5 actual, non-consecutive days!
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