Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries When Running

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Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries When Running

Running is one of the best forms of total-body conditioning.  More important, it is easy to do and free.  People do not need costly gym memberships to pound the pavement and putting one foot in front of the other does not require a tremendous amount of coordination or athletic skill.  Unfortunately, however, this exercise is the leading cause of many workout-related injuries, especially those that impact the ankles and knees.  Following are several things that both new and experienced runners can do to limit the likelihood of developing a knee injury.

Get the Proper Shoes

Having the proper gear is essential for avoiding injury when running and not just any old pair of shoes will do if you plan on running on a regular basis.  There are many options in running shoes and these can be markedly different from basic and more all-purpose shoe designs.  You want to get optimal shock absorption and support from the shoes that you choose.  You also want to have a good range of motion for the mid-portion of the foot in order to prevent heel strain and heel injuries.  The best of these will be well ventilated and include materials that naturally wick moisture away from the foot.

 Choose Your Running Surfaces

Running the city streets has a number of disadvantages.  As you increase in speed, endurance and your awareness of your surroundings, you will find that the exhaust fumes from passing cars becomes more and more difficult to ignore.  Additionally, the stress that running on concrete will have on the knees, ankles and other joints will quickly become noticeable.  It is better instead to stick to softer surfaces with a bit more give.


Find the Right Paths to Traverse

Many people enjoy running over rugged and very scenic terrain.  It can be relaxing, spiritually uplifting and downright beautiful.  It can also be very dangerous.  When you step off of the paved path you always have to keep an eye out for fallen tree limbs, differences in surface textures and unexpected rises and drops.  This challenges runners to apply more focus to their efforts; however, it often results in twisted ankles and damaged tendons among other things.  If you are not adept at paying attention to road that lies ahead, it is definitely best to always stick with a smooth, paved road rather than one that is bumpy and unpredictable.



Give Your Joints a Break

Even if striking the asphalt is not causing you to feel discomfort directly in the knees, it could be causing you pain in other areas, which will ultimately result in more stress on the knees.  For instance, if your shins or ankles become sore, you will probably hit the pavement a bit differently than if not.  Rather than shortening your workout or taking complete breaks on days that you would rather be running, try using different forms of exercise equipment to get the same total body benefits without the added pressure and stress.


Treadmills and elliptical machines can tighten and tone the entire body.  They also have a number of added benefits for dedicated runners.  For a one-time and often very nominal cost, people can equip their homes with the tools that they need to stay physically active throughout the year.  Rain or snow, with one of these on hand you can be sure to have continual access to an aggressive and intense form of training.

When Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment

If you want to find some good ellipticals here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Look for models that have been well reviewed

• Choose a seller that offers delivery and set-up services

• Select an option that will give you a good range of motion with your current ceiling height

When you are properly equipped and prepared for the total-body conditioning that running provides, you can avoid some of the most common forms of knee injury.


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Have you encountered a knee injury or any injury due to running?

Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid knee injuries from running?

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  1. This is a great post, and certainly appreciated by someone who loves to run but is plagued with the dreaded knee problems. Thanks for sharing!

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