Summer Training, Fall Race


I am almost done with my half-marathon training and other than a little knee pain here and there, things have been going greatl. I basically went from only being able to run 5-6 miles, and now I can comfortably run 10 (hopefully more!)


I know that may seem small to all the regular half-marathon/marathon runners out there, but to me it’s a HUGE deal! Like I said in this post, I am not a natural born runner. I now feel that I finally have a good running base, and am prepared to tackle 13.1. Except for one small problem………


I have trained for a Fall half-marathon entirely in the summer.


If you are from the northeast, then you know that the Summer and the Fall are two very different seasons. Most of my runs were done either outdoors in near perfect running conditions, or on the treadmill. As the Fall approaches us, the weather in Boston (or Newport RI, where my race is) has been getting colder by the day. Luckily no snow yet, we shouldn’t be seeing that until November or December (hopefully), but I have seen frost on my car quite a few times already!


Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking, isn’t it better to run in cooler weather than hot weather? And in a way you are right, but from someone who has bad circulation (AKA I’m ALWAYS cold), and hates just standing in the cold, let alone running in it, this could be a cause for concern. I kid you not when I say that I’ve done not even one run in any temperature below 60 degree’s yet this year! Am I setting myself up for failure?  You can be honest…


I am planning to do at least one (hopefully more) runs outdoors in the brisk weather, but the problem is that by the time I get out of work, it is always warmer than it was in the morning. I mean I could wake up at 5 a.m, but A) I am terribly afraid to run in the dark and B) I need my beauty sleep! ;-)

Not going to lie, I’ve been kind of freaking out about this for a few days now. I have trained for months for this race, and want to do the best I possibly can. Yesterday I caught myself going over everything that could go wrong such as the weather, my knee pain, my newly acquired calf pain….but then stopped myself in mid thought.

Why on earth am I worrying about things that I have NO control over? That makes no sense! Clearly, I am a little nervous, but that’s normal, right? I mean this is my very first race longer than 5 miles, a lot longer!

I have trained for months for this race, and have come very far. From now on I am going to prepare as much as I can for the things that I can control, and not worry about the things that I can’t.<–because that’s just stupid!

As far as the weather, I am going to dress in layers. This way if it’s too cold I can retain extra warmth. If it’s not, I can remove some layers. I know, I’m a genius, thank you :)


As far as my knee pain/discomfort, I am going to wear my knee band, and continue to stretch, foam roll and ice!


As far as my calf being tight, I am going to chalk it up as not stretching enough, and make a constant effort to stretch more frequently.


And as far as race jitters, I am just going to remind myself to have fun!! I have put a lot of hard work, time and dedication into my training so I know that my body is ready for this race!


There’s not much more I can do, only a few runs left on the schedule and then it’s “13.1 here I come!”



Have you ever trained for a Fall race in the Summer or vice versa?

Any tips for running in the cold?



  1. Believe it or not colder runs make me run faster due to trying to stay warm. I hope this proves the case for your race! :) Good luck!

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