Running & Knee Pain

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Running & Knee Pain

Ok so the title of this post is a little deceiving. Lately I have been noticing that throughout my half-marathon training, I have encountered a little bit of “pain” in my left knee. I put the word pain in quotations because it’s not really “pain” per say that I am feeling, it is more of a discomfort.  My left knee feels different than my right while running and walking. Sometimes it just feels off  like something just isn’t right in my left knee, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

It has been feeling like this on and off for the past 3 weeks but nonetheless I have kept training (nothing over 5 miles in the past week). I did notice the discomfort before my 10 mile run last Sunday, but decided to do the run anyway. I did not have any pain or discomfort for the first 8 miles, but noticed that my knees were tired during the last two. I didn’t think anything of it because I had never ran that far before, therefore I was expecting to feel some aches. I have also never ran this many miles in the past, so I am sure that must have something to do with it. I do want to mention that I honestly don’t think my discomfort is due to over training. I have been following a plan and have not been doing over 1 long run a week (if that).

I have been icing my knee after my runs (I figure it can’t hurt, right?), but haven’t really noticed a difference. I spoke to one of my good running friends last week about this issue (Hi Jill!) and she suggested I get fitted for a new pair of sneakers.

Apparently knee pain can be caused by a whole bunch of different underlying problems, but a lot of the time it can be due to the wrong sneaker. Jill suggested that I get my running form assessed at Marathon Sports, where they do a free “pain-analysis solution test”, and try to pair you up with the best sneaker for your running style.

I currently run with the Asics Gel 1170′s which I find very comfortable, but then again I’ve run with this sneaker for the past few years so maybe it’s time for a change? And considering the solution to this problem could be easily fixed with the right shoe, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The staff member who helped me at Marathon Sports had me do a few different motions with my knee’s and feet, and then watched me run. After assessing my run, she explained that I do not over or under pronate, and have a pretty normal stride (woo!). She believes that my current sneaker may have too much support (hence them being extra comfortable!) and that may be why I am feeling some discomfort in my knee.

The new Asics Gel Cummulus 13′s that I purchased honestly don’t feel all that much different from the ones I currently own, but considering that I will probably have to invest in a new pair of sneakers in the next few months anyways, I decided  to go ahead and buy them then.

Who know’s if the new sneakers will actually help, but I figure this is a good first step before seeking another opinion. I have also thought about perhaps buying a knee brace, but since I am not sure what the underlying issue is I decided to save the $30 and see if the sneakers help first.

I find this discomfort more annoying than anything else, simply because I don’t know what to do about it! Do I keep running? Do I wait until I feel actual pain, then stop? Am I being a baby? What I do know, is that I want to avoid an injury at all costs! 

I will keep you posted on the new sneakers and the knees. Cross your fingers that it’s a quick fix!

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Have you ever experienced knee pain or discomfort due to running? What was your solution?



  1. I’ve found that if you’re using ice, apply for 10mins, then off for 5, then on for ten and so on. Works quicker for me!

  2. New shoes will definitely make a difference. Have you also tried foam rolling? I ran my first half last fall and had all sorts of knee and achilles tendon pain during training. I’m training for my first full marathon now and have finally started foam rolling – it has really helped!

  3. That would have been my suggestion too, along with foam rolling and TONS of stretching! I was running with the incorrect shoes, which in turn caused my knee pain. I also wasn’t foam rolling correctly or stretching as much as I could have been doing. Glad to hear that the training is going well regardless :)

  4. I hope the shoes work out. For me, knee pain from running was fixed by strengthening, stretching, and massaging my IT band.
    Here’s an article on icing that you might interest you:

  5. Oh no Stellina! I am struggling with a knee injury now as well. About 8 weeks ago my knee just locked up on me one day (not during running, while just sitting on the couch). I took a week off and then jumped back into running because my half marathon training was starting. It wasn’t too bad, didn’t really hurt while I ran, just after. Then after 6 weeks of constantly foam rolling, icing, stretching, massage, I went to the doctor to get it looked at. It felt a lot better from where it started, but I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t injure it more severely if I ran through it. My doctor basically said that I just had an overuse injury, most likely from the fact that I’ve been in some form of training for a race for the last 8 months straight with little rest. I have been going to physical therapy the last couple weeks and love it. I’ve continued with my training plan with 0 modifications. If it hurts, I stop, but so far it’s been ok. Good first step in getting new shoes – I run in the exact same ones actually, same colors and everything. They’re great shoes – love them! If it doesn’t get ANY better, I would suggest seeing an orthopedist just to be sure. If you tell them that your goal is to run the half marathon, a good doctor will help get you there. Stay strong girl! Keep icing and foam rolling. I found that foam rolling the inner quads and my IT band helped A LOT! I didn’t have IT band issues at all (my PT says they’re very flexible) but it supports the knee so anything helps.

    • I haven’t tried foam rolling my knee or my IT Band so I will do that! I need to go buy a foam roller! I hope the shoes make a difference, like I said I don’t have pain, but I don’t want it to turn into pain!!! Thanks for the advice! I hope your knee returns to normal too…stupid knees!

  6. It might be an idea to decrease your mileage as well. Keep up the icing and foam rolling and make sure you do thorough warm-up and cool down exercises. Also, have you looked at your running style? I’ve made changes to my posture when running after reading Chi Running by Danny Dreyey, that might help. And good luck! :)

  7. Knee pain is the result of something else gone wrong — feet issues and/or an imbalance with your pelvis are what is causing it. Also, don’t discount the “overtraining” that you think you might not be doing. Even if you build your overall mileage safely, when you start running distances you’ve never seen before it’s when injuries will often happen. Having had 2 ITB injuries over the years, I have discovered that core strength is important — not just abs, but also your quads.

    Don’t run through the discomfort too long. New shoes may help, but they may also mask a more serious long-term problem.

    • Thanks for the advice! I have never ran long distance so I am sure that has something to do with it. I am going to take a few days off to see if that helps and also invest in a foam roller. Thanks!

  8. New shoes definitely helped for me. Also, our coach told us that if you run and the pain level increases during the run, then you need to have it taken look at.
    Are you doing any other exercises that are heavy on your knees?

    • no I am not…it’s not really painful that’s the thing…it feels more “off” its hard to explain! It feels like this also when I am not running. I am taking about 3 days off to see if that helps. I also wear heels at work all day so I am sure that doesn’t help!

  9. Getting new sneakers was definitely the right step to take! But more importantly you NEED to foam roll, especially your IT Band and stretch like you’ve never stretched in your life! But foam rolling is #1. You will feel the pain in your IT Band shoot down your leg and into your knee most likely and that will indicate a lot of tightness. Also, getting a massage, if you can afford it and have them work specifically on your IT Band/Quads will help alot too! Hope you feel better!

  10. I used to get knee pain, and then I got fitted at Marathon Sports (they really know what they are talking about!) for new shoes and socks. Now I have no knee pain at all. It’s a miracle. I still like to ice and stuff but the pain has completely disappeared. I hope your new shoes help with your discomfort! You are lucky to have a neutral gate! I over-pronate and have “bow legs” …cute, right?

  11. I am in the market for new shoes! I want to get the test done I just need to find where around me they do that. I am excited to see how your new shoes do after awhile and if they give you any pain at all. Let us know :) Love and Shine CourtStar
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