It's hereeeee! Healthy Living Summit 2012

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d drop in and let you guys know how much fun I am already having at the Healthy Living Summit 2012! I plan to do a full recap of all of the events very soon, but for now I figured I’d let you in on a few sneak peeks!

First and foremost, I have to thank the awesome people over at Reebok, for hooking us up with a FREE pair of sneakers! I absolutely LOVE the pink pair that I got, and can’t wait to totally rock them tomorrow! Thanks Reebok! :)

Secondly, check out my swag! SWAG BAG that is! I can’t wait to thoroughly look through this bag and try all of these new (to me) products! There are probably over 40ish items in this bag, and I am ecstatic about every single one! :)

Tonight I got to meet so many fantastic people at the Rebootizer sponsored cocktail party. I can’t stop saying how thankful I am that blogging has become a part of my life. I have always loved meeting new people and learning new things, but meeting people who share the same interests as you and have such inspirational stories is really something else! 

I’ll be back soon enough with a more detailed post about all of the events happening this weekend. For now I’ll leave you with my new favorite quote!

Peace ;-)




  1. Want those hot pink running shoes!! And LOVE your dress. That color is soo pretty!!

  2. Love your dress! Looks like you had an awesome time!

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