The Simple Things A-Z

Hey guys!

So I saw this post on Tina’s  blog a few days ago and thought it was really cute. The “little things in life” are often the best things in life, so here’s my A-Z list of “little things”! Enjoy :)

A- Apples: I love them! Such a sweet, delicious and healthy treat!

B- Beach: One of my my most favorite places to spend time with friends, wind down, sunbathe or just take a walk.

C- Chobani! Yum :)

D- Dinner.

E- Exercise: I am so thankful that I am able to get up everyday and get moving!

F- Fruit: Natures Candy! I probably have at least 3 servings of fruit a day. Watermelon, pineapple, berries and apples are some of my favorites!

G- Grandparents: They are some of my favorite people!

H- Heat: Lovin’ this hot summer weather!

I- Iphone: Not quite sure how I survived without this little gadget!

J- Jumping! Sometimes jumping like when you were a kid is really fun. Try it out!

K- Kale.

L- Laughing! The best medicine!

M- Mom: Love her to death <3

N- Nails: Loveee getting my nails done!

O- Outdoors: I hate being cooped up in the house. I’d much rather be outside breathing the fresh air!

P- Pineapple: MMM!

Q- Quietness: Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back without any TV or music playing in the background.

R- Running!

S- Santo: My dog and my best friend!

T- Tennis: My favorite sport in the world!

U- Umbrellas: You don’t realize how awesome they actually are, until you don’t have one on you at the right time!

V- Vitamins: Important to help fight disease. Who wants disease? Not me!

W- WholeFoods: The store and the actual “Whole Foods”! Both are fantastic :)

X- ? Can I get a rain check on this one?

Y- Yogurt! Self explanatory :)  

Z- Zone: I love feeling/being in the “zone”.


What are some of your favorite little things? 



  1. I think I may have to do the A-Z idea as well! I loved the pics – you are so darn adorable!

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