One thing you could change….

Good Morning friends

I had this nice little beach day all planned out for my friend and I, but that quickly got canceled due to this gross rainy weather outside! Boo :(

I’m really hoping that the weather on Sunday is nice because we are having a Beach, Euro Cup Finals (Yaaa ITALY!!), Summer party! I love Boston, and I would probably never move, but I really do wish that the weather was more predictable and corporative at times! It would make planning a lot easier!


This morning I had the usual Chobani 0% plain yogurt with some ground flax-seed and almonds.

I also had a decaf coffee with skim milk from Dunkin’ Donuts! Both were fabulous :)


Off to the gym! Late start today, I’m blaming it on the weather! Or the fact that I’m still kind of sore from my intense workout on Wednesday!

Have a GREAT weekend! :)

What is one thing that you wish you could change about where you live?

Mine is definitely the weather! But then again, it’s really not that bad in the grand scheme of things….



  1. I live in Providence (used to live in Boston) and it’s equally gloomy here! I also wish I could change the weather…and the way people drive…

  2. I would change the airport! Only smaller planes are allowed here, which equals high flight costs.

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