Intense Workout & A Special Package

Hey everyone!

How’s everyone doing on this fine morning? Only one more day until the weekend! Word on the street is that it’s going to be sunny and hot! I can’t wait! :)

Intense Workout

Yesterday I really challenged myself at the gym and took a new running class that is being offered. Well it’s not technically new, just new to me! There is no separate room for this class, it is simply done in the middle of gym on a few selected treadmills.  The instructor stands in front of the treadmills and directs the class on when to increase or decrease the resistance and speed.

The class only allows for about 6 people or less so the instructor is able to give everyone her attention, and trust me she did! This class was a total killer, but I loved it! It’s so different (and more beneficial in my opinion) when you have someone pushing you to increase your speed/resistance while on the treadmill. It’s not like being outside, where the hills are inevitable and your speed is sometimes altered to road conditions, bumps or the weather.

Quite frankly, running on treadmill is often more like running on the dreadmill, due to the monotony of running in place and not getting anywhere!  I really enjoyed this class even though half way through I was questioning why I would ever put myself through this kind of torture, haha! I was drenched in sweat by the time it was done, but I felt accomplished! Can’t wait for next week to do it all over again!

A Special Package

Look what I got in the mail the other day!

A package from WILD HARVEST, with a bunch of yummy ingredients in it! Yay! Since I am attending the Healthy Living Summit this year in Boston, I entered into the 2012 WILD HARVEST Blogger Recipe Contest.

Basically, I have to create a healthy breakfast recipe with 3 or more of the ingreidients given to me in the package. I can’t wait to get started!

Let’s just say I already have a few tasty idea’s up my sleeve ;-)


Have a great day!

What are your thoughts on running on the treadmill? Like it? Hate it? Indifferent? 



  1. I prefer outdoor activity so I’m indifferent to treadmills! But, when the weather isn’t cooperating it gets the job done :)

  2. I like running on the treadmill, but only when I mix up the speeds and inclines like your class did! That class sounds awesome, I should look for something similar around me.

  3. The class sounds awesome! I am so with you that the treadmill is super boring. I always mix it up with intervals and incline changes. This class would be right up my alley! and love the contest you are in – def post what you make :)

  4. I would love to take a treadmill class. It actually sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with the recipe contest! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)


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