Fitness Bucket List

A few days ago, the lovely people over at Fitfluential asked their ambassadors to create a Fitness Bucket List on Pinterest. I am a super goal-oriented person so when I saw this message, I immediately jumped on it! I feel that making lists whether they are bucket lists or regular old to-do lists, motivate me to get things done. I love the feeling of getting something crossed off my list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and encourages me to strive for even more next time!

Here’s what’s on my Fitness Bucket List so far:

  • To try pilates
  • To participate in road bike race
  • To run a half marathon
  • To try and actively do Bikram yoga
  • To have more defined abdominal muscles
  • To run a 5K in 26 minutes or less


What’s on your Fitness Bucket List?



  1. This is SUCH a great idea! :-) I’m totally making a pinterest board for this now! :-)

  2. Love your list and love the idea!

  3. I just did this yesterday – how cool. The item I’m most excited about on mine is to run a half marathon!

  4. awesome idea!! The abs thing has got to be on my list for sure.

  5. What a great idea! One thing on my bucket list is to run the Warrior 5k, which I’m doing this weekend! So excited. Trying Bikram Yoga and CrossFit are just a couple more items on my list!

  6. Definitely a fun idea! I have so many items on mine – the first being to run a 5k. Its been on the list for a while – just need to actually commit!

  7. Good stuff! I set one up too. Hubby and I really like Pilates. Haven’t done it much since we now have a home gym and aren’t members of a gym but want to get back to it.

  8. I have the fun and itchy feeling that you are going to cross everything successfully off this list. Yay! And how did you create that graphic with your list?

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