McDonald's New Healthy Drink?


This morning as I was browsing through some articles, one in particular caught my eye. Apparently McDonalds is launching a new drink  for kids that is suppose to be a “healthy” alternative to soda. McDonald’s claims that this new beverage called “Fruitizz” gives children one serving of fruits and vegetables for the day.

In the article they state that they have spent three years developing a drink which “excites children, but also delivers nutritional benefits”. But can this really be healthy when a large 500 mL cup contains 200 calories and 49 grams of sugar? 

Although it does contain less sugar than a 500mL serving of Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Sprite,that’s not the point. McDonald’s is marketing this beverage as a healthy alternative, and to me that’s just wrong. Since when does a “healthy alternative” get dispensed out of the same soda machine as coke, pepsi and other sodas?

I understand that McDonald’s has taken certain measures to offer healthier choices on their menu, as well as provide nutritional information and I think that is GREAT, but let’s be serious. McDonald’s is a fast-food burger joint, with very little healthy or nutritious offerings on their menu. Most of their customers are fast food lovers, who regularly consume their burgers, happy meals, fries, shakes, nuggets etc.

McDonald’s meals do not provide anyone (especially children) with much nutritional value whatsoever. Their food is loaded with processed JUNK, that should not be fed to our children, point blank. I’m aware of the fact that McDonald’s now offers apple slices and milk as substitue with their happy meals, but the apple slices come with a sugary caramel dipping sauce, and the milk is probably not organic.

I’m not saying that a happy meal every once in a blue moon is going to kill anyone, but, it is not a substantially nutritious meal, nor is anything that they offer. To me, Fruitizz is not a healthy alternative to soda, therefore it shouldn’t be falsely marketed to make people believe that it is. They might as well call it what it is! Another carbonated, sugary beverage that is  pretty much equal to fruit punch!


What’s your take on McDonald’s new beverage?



  1. Maria Stella Gulla says:

    Does McDonald list the content and portions of fruit that’s in the healthy drink? I wonder how much, if any derive, from natural ingredients.
    Maria Stella :)

  2. I hadn’t heard about this drink until now, and I can already say that I’m NOT a fan of their take on a “healthy alternative”. A healthy alternative, in my mind, is a glass of ice water. Get your kids used to drinking water as early as possible!!
    Great article, by the way.

  3. robfiasco says:

    i’m with you 100000000000% McDonald’s isn’t the only company to do this. The sad thing is, a lot of people will just believe them and start feeding it to their children.

    i was grocery shopping last night and saw a new “healthy” beverage that was on sale. It was in one of the healthier food aisle’s. I took a look at the nutrition facts and there were 30 grams of sugar per serving. and there were 2 servings!!! how is that healthy???

  4. Companies better watch out with their marketing these days- did you hear about the law suit with Sketchers? They are being sued because they advertised that their shoes would get you in better shape.

  5. I am glad you are bringing attention to this! I mean… I guess this is ‘healthier’ than say a vat of fried butter or something, but really just no. Especially with all of that sugar, not good for you at all!

  6. Sejal M says:

    Honestly, I would have to see the numbers to decide. Like what exactly is the sugar content compared to the same size soda? What are the vitamin/mineral numbers, etc…
    We can’t really make an informed decision as to the “healthfullness” without concrete data but I do agree that it seems weird that it will come from the soda fountain.

  7. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. See it here:

  8. as long as its better than soda right? I don’t think you can ever find healthy drink or food in a fast food chain, only the least harmful.

  9. I completely agree with you!!!! These children should be drinking water…the only healthy drink other than milk for them!

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