Breakfast Change Up

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. The weather on Friday and Saturday was rather gloomy and foggy, so I didn’t kick off my weekend with anything spectacular. I absolutely HATE driving in fog (or in any inclement weather to be honest), so it was a good thing that I didn’t get stuck in it because there’s a chance I would have experienced a panic attack while driving! No really, I’m being serious! Anyways enough about my anxiety, Sunday was a much better day weather and event wise.

I went to the Redsox game, and even though they lost, it was still a great time! We left around the 8th inning, but apparently the game was tied and went to 17 innings! Craziness!




I did not have my absolutely amazing regular breakfast of choice this morning (shocking I know). I was craving peanut butter like a mad woman from the moment I woke up, so I threw together a nice pb & banana open face sandwich.

It was a nice change up, and now I’ll be able to enjoy my yogurt at lunch time! You didn’t think that I would go the WHOLE day without having any yogurt did you? Haha!

Have a great day everyone! :)


Is there any type of weather that you hate driving in?

How often do you change up your breakfast? 



  1. I absolutely love pb and banana as well. I hace it nearly everyday. Along with yogurt;)

  2. Gloria says:

    wait till you hear this….fage ) fat yogurt, mix in chopped pineapple and blueberries, and chopped almonds, then add some sugarfree orange marmalade jelly to sweeten! awesome! I am in love!

  3. I hate driving when it is getting dark out and raining out. I can not see anything and I absolutely hate it! Breakfast meals are my favorite. I can’t choose which one I like the best.

  4. I barely ever change my breakfasts. What can I say, when I like something I really like and don’t want to change from it.

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