Weekend Shenanigans & New Spin Bikes!

Good Morning Friends!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine involved a fun trip to Solea, a tapas bar located in Waltham, MA.  I love tapas, because I am usually indecisive about what I am going to order whenever I go out to eat. With tapas I can enjoy small portions of a lot of different types of foods, which makes me a happy camper!

We dined at Solea with some of our close friends, who live in the area and actually suggested this fabulous restaurant. I absolutely loved the decor, the drinks, the food and the overall ambiance of the whole place! I started off with a house margarita, which was fantastic and  not overpowering.

For our main course we decided to order a few tapas, and one big paella to share between the four of us.

The paella was HUGE, but we pretty much devoured the whole thing! This paella was slightly different than the traditional kinds that I have had before because it had seafood, chicken and meat in it! It was definitely a crowd pleaser and I would highly suggest it!

Solea may be one of the best tapas restaurants I have been to! If you are ever in the area, and you like tapas I would highly suggest it!

New Spin Bikes

In other news, look what I found today when I went to the gym! Yes that’s right, NEW SPIN BIKES!!! HOORAYYY!! Nothing against the old spin bikes, they worked just fine, but these, well they are just fabulous! They are Livestrong LS9.IC  Indoor Cycling Bikes and are fully equipped with a console computer that tracks your progress as you spin! Genius I tell you!  I’ve always wondered why typical spin bikes usually don’t have a computer that checks your heart rate, calories, distance etc… I mean every single other piece of cardio equipment in the gym does.

I wonder if there was/is a specific reason for that? Anyways,if you couldn’t already tell, I really really LOVED spinning on this new bike!  I could tell that it was good quality from the second I hopped on because it was sturdy and very well balanced. The handle bar and seats were easily adjustable, and didn’t need lots of elbow grease to slide up and down. It provided me with a smooth ride, that simulated a real road bike experience! Although I really liked the new spin bikes, it is definitely going to take a little time to get use to them. The resistance knob is much different because it only needs to be turned ever so slightly to feel a change. AI also noticed that t I felt more of a “pulling” motion with my legs rather than a “pushing” motion. I felt my hamstrings working more than my quads, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to get used to. Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience on these new bikes. I am super pumped to learn more about how they operate and how I can maximize my workout while using them!


Do you like using new or old workout equipment?

Have you ever spun on the Livestrong bikes? 




  1. I studied abroad in Spain during college and found a LOVE for tapas! This restaurant is only about 45 minutes away from me, so I will definitely be trying it out soon!

  2. So jealous! I have been wanting to try that new bike since I first seen it advertised!

  3. Really happy i came across this! I just moved to Waltham and I have been attempting to try as many restaurants as possible (there are so many good ones here!) and I have yet to get to Solea. I had heard some mixed reviews but from yours it looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it now!

    • That’s great! I would definitely recommend it! Everything was wonderful, and if you like margaritas you have to try their signature one, yum :)

  4. Ooo I love tapas! And that paella looks so good! I’ve gotta admit I’m super stubborn about my gym equipment…I get really attached :) I just got a new elliptical and I kinda miss my old one….! Those new bikes look awesome though!

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