Day Off

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

Can you guess why I am in a great mood this morning? I’ll give you a hint, It may or may not be because I love Fridays! :)

This morning I woke up at 6:45 a.m (as I normally do) but I decided to skip the gym, in lieu of some extra ZzZ’s. I played tennis on Monday, went spinning on Tuesday and Thursday, and ran/did weight training on Wednesday. I probably could have done some sort of light activity, but I honestly just wasn’t feelin’ it. So I listend to my body, and took a day off! My hips are feeling awfully tight, so I think some serious stretching is in order later on!


This morning I enjoyed my usual cup of Chobani 0% Greek yogurt with some ground flax-seed, almond halves & pecan halves mixed in. I’ve never mixed pecans into my yogurt before, but lets just say I was pleasantly surprised! They gave the yogurt an extra crunch that I really enjoyed :)


Gotta run! Have a great Friday!


How often do you take rest days?



  1. good job listening to your body and taking a day off. I think that’s uber important, as we tend to push ourselves to the max and then end up asking ourselves why we’re so tired and run down all the time.
    Your breakfast looks deLISH… i love pecans!

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