Right Brain Vs. Left Brain

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

I hope your morning is off to wonderful start! This morning I did this quick and dirty Tabata style treadmill workout that was necessary, considering the fact that this happend last night!

YUP! We all know that frozen yogurt is my ultimate pleasure, so when my mom and brother suggested that we go to boYO, I simply could not resist! We also went shopping, and I got some sweet new workout clothes that I absolutely LOVE! I’ll be filling you guys in on those later on this week :)

Right Brain Vs. Left Brain

So yesterday I found this survey on Facebook, that is suppose to test whether someone is a right or left brained person. Apparently if the dancer on the website is turning clock wise, then you use more of your right side of the brain. If she is moving counter-clockwise, then you use more of the left side. For me the dancer is turning clockwise, so I am considered more of a “right side thinker”.

Right side thinkers portray qualities such as:

  • Being “big picture” oriented
  • Imagination rules
  • Symbols and images
  • Present and future
  • Philosophy & religion
  • Can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
  • Believes
  • Appreciates
  • Spatial perception
  • Knows object function
  • Fantasy based
  • Presents possibilities
  • Impetuous
  • Risk taking

While left sided thinkers possess qualities such as:

  • Use logic
  • Detail oriented
  • Facts rule
  • Words and language
  • Present and past
  • Math and science
  • Can comprehend
  • Knowing
  • Acknowledges
  • Order/pattern perception
  • Knows object name
  • Reality based
  • Forms strategies
  • Practical

I think this is accurate because just like the survey explains, I do consider myself “big picture” oriented, I think in the present and the future and I value philosophy and religion. BUT, I do think that I have some of the left brain qualities too. For example I do use logic (I hope) and I do consider myself a practical person as well. I think that perhaps the survey judges more on which characteristics a person has more of, rather than whether he/she possess every single right or left brain quality. All I know is that I stared at that moving dancer for a good ten minutes, and could not see her moving counter-clockwise for the life of me! Right brained it is I suppose! :)


In what direction does the dancer move for you? 

Do you think the survey is accurate?



  1. man, now I’m craving FroYo!! Also, I’m interested to take that quiz. I love those sorts of things that tell me more about myself.
    Also excited to see your new workout gear!

  2. Oh you and i would get aling great hun! I love frozen yogurt sooo much too. I wish i could eat it everyday but that would probably be bad right? Haha

  3. I saw her moving BOTH ways! haha I don’t know what that means, though. Maybe split-personality disorder?! :)

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