Life Lessons From Santo

Happy Marathon Monday everyone! It’s going to be a whopping 85 degrees out there today, so I wish all of the runners a safe, fun and speedy run! You all inspire me so much! Maybe one day I will muster up the guts to run a marathon? Hmmm…the chances are low, but never say never! ;-)

A while back I had seen posts on both Tina and Julie’s blogs about “Life Lessons From Their Dogs.”  These posts were SO cute, made me laugh and instantly got me thinking about some of The things that I have learned from my own dog.  Seeing as I am also slightly obsessed with my little pooch, I figured that it would only be appropiate for me chime in on the fun too!

So without further ado, here are some valuable life lessons from Santo himself!

Remember to hydrate!

Sometimes, you just have to keep a straight face.

Don’t waste anything, especially yogurt!

There isn’t anything that mom can’t fix.

Sit up straight, it’s good for your posture!

Sometimes you just have to dance like no ones watching…

Rest days are important.

Don’t dwell over things you can’t change.

Explore new scents.

If you give people “the eyes” you will usually get what you want.

Always make time for family

Keep on smiling!


Have you learned any valuable lessons from your pets? 



  1. Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says:

    this is too cute!!! i love the last family picture. :)

  2. your little guy is adorable.

  3. OMG your dog is soooo cute! I learn tons of lessons from my cats every day lol – mainly about not stressing, eating only when you feel like it and stopping when you are done, and just in general, going with the flow. They don’t overthink things as much as humans do!

  4. awww, Cutest post! I haven’t had a pet in a long time, but boy do I want a Puggle now!

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