Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out

Fact: I wasn’t always a morning person


Now I LOVE getting things (especially workouts) done and checked off my list, more than I HATE waking up early!


When I was younger, mostly through high school and college, I was able to schedule my workouts around my classes and day to day activities. I didn’t have to wake up early to fit in my exercise, because my schedule was flexible enough for me to decide whenever I wanted to get my sweat on.

I  played a lot of tennis from the ages of 8-18, which was not only a great workout in itself, it also meant that I had pre-scheduled workouts with my team and coach already scheduled on a weekly basis! I got to workout and have fun, at a set time everyday, with people that I enjoyed being around! Easy peasy right?!

Truth is, I grew up I graduated from school, and I had to find time to exercise on my own, by myself (or at least not with a whole team of people), and in between my 9-5 full-time job (blah!).

At first, I tried working out after work. I would pack my clothes in my car, and drive directly to the gym so I wouldn’t be distracted by going home first. It worked a few times, but even though I sat at a desk for the majority of those 9 hours at my job, I was still SO exhausted by the time 6pm rolled around. I found myself pathetically jogging on the treadmill, while thinking about what I was going to have for dinner. It was not productive, and made me feel grumpy, not happy!

After I figured out that exercising after work just wasn’t for me, I joined a local gym near my job. I decided to try to exercise during my lunch hour, since I was allowed to eat lunch at my desk at anytime. It sounds like a great idea, right? I got to break up my day and finished my workout before 2p.m, yay! Well, this worked out for a little while, but I always felt rushed when I worked out during lunch. I had to drive to gym, change into my clothes, choose a workout, take a quick shower (maybe?), change back into work clothes, and drive back to work all in 1 hour! I know that my motto is anything > nothing when it comes to exercise, but this was honestly more stressful than anything else. I was always rushed, and felt like my workout wasn’t substantial enough to actually be “worth it”, if you know what I mean.

So I guess there is only one obvious option left right? I had to try to workout in the morning BEFORE my day even began! THE HORROR :-o  I toggled with this idea several times in the past, but could not fathom waking up early to go to the gym. C’mon people, I need my beauty rest !  Finally, I just decided to suck it up and do it!

I told myself that I would try waking up at 6:30 a.m 3 days a week for a few weeks, and see how it went. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it was easy, but I got through it, and now it is the ONLY time I choose to workout (unless I am doing some sort of sport or social exercise activity).


At first, I used classes to motivate me, so that I felt like I had a scheduled time that I had to be at the gym by. I honestly still take early morning classes because I love them(especially spinning). I feel like the motivation of the instructor and being around a group of other people, helps me enjoy my workout, even if it is early in the morning!


At first I guess you could say that I started to exercise in the morning for selfish reasons (and because option 1: after work and option 2: during lunch, were epic failures.) I wanted to get it out of the way so I wouldn’t have to think about it all day long. Checking my workout off my list, before my day has even begun gave me a grand sense of accomplishment, that I still feel each time I complete a successful morning workout session!

As time went on, waking up early really wasn’t all that bad! Sure, I still hate the sound of my alarm, but I just tell myself to Get up, Get dressed and Get out! This is my health I’m talking about here, and I shouldn’t let the fact that I don’t particularly love waking up early, get in the way of that! Plus, the more I did it, the more I LOVED the way it made me feel!

Exercising Early in the Morning:

  • Energizes me for the rest of my day.
  • Makes me happy because I feel that I have accomplished something disciplined and good for me. 
  • Helps me sleep better at night.
  • Helps me make healthier decisions throughout the whole day.
  • Regulates my appetite (sometimes).
  • Indefinitely makes me more productive throughout the day.
Now I’m not trying to persuade you into changing your workout routine. I know plenty of people who workout at 9p.m, and are successful at it.  I’m just saying that if you struggle to fit in your workouts, love checking things of your list ASAP and want to start of your day on the right foot, you should give it a shot! Studies show that people who exercise in the morning are more consistant, and are more likely to stick with exercise longterm!  It’s not for everyone, but it is definitely for me, and maybe for you too! What do you think? I say Just do it!
What time of the day do you prefer to exercise?
Does the time of the day that you exercise impact your overall routine and schedule?
Have a FABULOUS day! :)


  1. During the week I typically work out around 4-5pm. I find that it helps me unwind after a long day at the office and helps me stay on track with eating to “prep” for my workouts. However, on the weekends I LOVE morning workouts. I typically hit the gym / barre class around 8am and always get in a great workout. I definitley know what you mean though about working out in the AM and checking it off your list – I am all about checking things off!

  2. It’s funny that you posted this today because I set my alarm for 5:15am this morning with every intention of going to the gym for 6am TRX (I’m an after-work gym go-er but have plans this evening) but it was raining and my bed was so warm that I just snoozed my alarm! I think I’ve been successful at early morning workouts a grand total of 3 times! lol….I will try again tomorrow though (another evening conflict). your post has inspired me!

  3. When reading your little blurb about your experience working out during your lunch break at work, I felt like I was reading my experience. I also had the freedom to leave at lunch and eat later, but the rush and stress of it all just wasn’t worth it in the end. I prefer to workout first thing in the morning. Get it out of the way. Gain a ton of energy for the day, and just feel better about yourself all day long because you’ve started it out with a good hard workout.

  4. I am struggling with this so much. I am so tired after work and have lost all motivation to go then. But, I hate the thought of packing all my “getting ready” stuff and showering at the gym. I have never done that and just don’t want to. Plus, I have to be ready to work at 8, so I’m not sure how I would eat. I have pondered getting up, driving to the gym, then coming home and getting ready but I would have to get up at 3:30 to do that (my gym is 30 min away). What to do, what to do?? :)

  5. I have to workout after work unless I want to get up at like 5 everyday cause I can’t lift without eating! I don’t mind cardio on an empty stomach, but I can’t lift like that. I always plan out my workout at work throughout that day so Im ready to go when 5:30 comes around!

    • I commend you! Like I said some people can do it, and you are one of them! Good idea about planning your workout before…I’m kind of a control/planner freak so I need to have a plan of what I’m doing at all times!

  6. Hmmm… I always exercise in the evenings, but I have started to consider morning workouts. I think when it summer comes around there’s no way I’m going to want to run outside in the heat! All those benefits sound pretty good too haha. We’ll see!

    • In the summer it would be even harder for me to workout at night! I think it will be easier for you to get up early in the summer since the sun will be shining and the weather will be nicer! Good luck! :)

  7. I love that you posted about this! I have been having that very problem. Though I find that any time of day, it’s hard to get my butt into gear to exercise :) I can also totally relate to the difficulty of life after high school sports. I played tennis myself and though I do miss the regimented exercise and playing that much tennis altogether, I do NOT miss my awful shorts/shoes tan lines lol.

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