Dinner at Sportello

Hey everyone! TGIF!

Last night I visited Adel (a close family friend) in Boston to see her new apartment!

Pretty nice right?! I absolutely love her new place! She did a lot of renovation, but it was well worth it! Congratulations Adel!

After seeing her new place, we headed over to Sportello for some dinner. This place is SO cute, and the food is even better! They have mainly bar seating all throughout the middle of the restaurant, and only just a few tables. along the perimeter. Luckily we called ahead and scored a table for 5 right away!

Since it was SO cold out, I decided to start off with the spicy tomato soup. I almost always order tomato soup at a restaurant when I see it on the menu, because for some reason I never make it at home. The flavor was spectacular, it was just creamy enough, and I could really taste the true tomato flavor. I burnt my lip because it was so hot, but that’s probably my fault for digging in too fast! Woopsie!

For a main course I ordered the grilled salmon (surprise, surprise) which was served over a bed of artichokes, chard and a lemon and olive relish. It was grilled to perfection, and just the right size! My mom and adel got the homemade potato gnocchi, which they couldn’t stop raving about, and my grandmother and aunt got the salmon and steak. All of which they said were delicious!

For dessert we shared and “affogato” which is coffee ice cream served in a cup of hot expresso. When I went to Italy, I literally had an affogato a day! It is soooo yummy, and perfect for an after dinner dessert!

Overall it was a great night, and I will definitely be returning to Sportello! I loved everything from the food, atmosphere and great service! It was a nice Thursday night out, I hope to do it again soon!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


When you go to a restaurant do you usually sit at the bar or at a table? 



  1. Wow the apartment is beautiful!! If I’m with a group I always try and get a table as it is much easier to interact with others :) if it was just me and one other person the bar area would work fine.

  2. Same here!

  3. What a beautiful apartment and nice dinner! I’m usually all about sitting at the bar when I go out

  4. Friends are great, aren’t they?!?

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  5. Brittany says:

    Not to be a grammar snob, but it’s “espresso” not “expresso”. I don’t understand why people cannot get that word right.

    • Hi! Sorry, I just copied the way it was on the menu :) I speak fluent Italian, so I know that it’s actually “espresso”! Thank you though! I am also a grammar snob at times!

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