Things You Should Not Tolerate

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m so happy that it’s finally the weekend! This was a pretty long week for me, but I got through it and now it’s time to have some fun! But first, breakfast!


The usual Chobani 0% Greek yogurt with ground flax-seed and almond halves mixed in! I’m thinking about incorporating some oats or quinoa into my yogurt mix soon. Anyone have a good recipe?

Things You Should Not Tolerate

Last night as I was browsing the internet I came across this article about 20 things you should not tolerate. Among the 20 things listed, my favorite were:

  • People who bring you down
  • A work environment that you hate
  • An unhealthy body
  • Infidelity
  • Fear of change

This article really got me thinking about how everyone sometimes tolerates things that they shouldn’t, for one reason or another. Some others that I thought of  that are not listed in the article are:

  • Bullying
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Racism
  • Rudeness
  • Lying

Why do we tolerate some of these things? Is it because it takes to much effort to try and change them? Do we even realize that we are tolerating things that should not be tolerated? Obviously, some things are unavoidable such as taxes, bad weather, traffic etc. But what about the large amount of stuff we do tolerate, even though we don’t have to? Perhaps we have become so used to these tolerations that after a while, we don’t recognize the negative impact that they have on us. Perhaps we are too scared, too shy or too lazy to try and change some of things, so instead we just tolerate them. What do you think?

What are some things that you tolerate that you shouldn’t?

Why do you tolerate them?

Have you tried to fix them?


Have a great day! And stand up for yourself! No more tolerations :)


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