Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

Happy Hump Day everyone!

This morning I started the day off with a nice cup of Chobani zero percent plain yogurt with some ground flax-seed dried berries, and almond halves mixed in. Nothing you guys haven’t seen before!

I also had a cup of caffeinated coffee with skim milk. I usually have decaf coffee, but lately I’ve been reverting to the real stuff! I’ve always been an avid coffee drinker, but switched it up to mostly decaf about 6 years ago. What can I say, I’m a coffee LOVER!


Lemon Water

I have always heard that kicking off the morning with a cup of hot lemon water has amazing health benefits. I’ve never actually drank hot lemon water every morning, or any morning at all really, but I’m seriously thinking about making it a regular habit. Why, you ask? Let me list some of the benefits out for you, and then maybe you’ll get a better idea as to why I’m even discussing this. Maybe it could even negate my extreme coffee drinking habit?


Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

  • Boosts your Vitamin C: Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium, which are great for fighting colds and improving nerve functions and blood pressure.
  • Balances pH Levels: Lemon water reduces your body’s acidity level because lemons are a very alkaline food.
  • Helps with Weight-loss: Lemons are said to be high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger, therefore promoting weight loss.
  • Aids Digestion: Lemon water promotes the production of bile in the liver, which is necessary for proper digestion. It also helps flush out unwanted toxins.
  • Clears Skin: Lemon water helps to remove toxins from the bloodstream, which can help clear skin and reduce the visibility of acne scars.


I am going to try to make drinking lemon water a regular morning habit of mine. With benefits like these it’s hard to wonder why more doctors aren’t promoting this simple little drink that is so darn easy to make! When life gives you lemons, drink hot lemon water! :)


Have a great day everyone!

Do you drink hot lemon water on a regular basis?

If you do, do you see any results? How does it make you feel?



  1. I hear wonderful things about the lemon water too, but I’ve never tried it either. Im never thirsty that early in the morning! Thanks for the list of benefits though – it’s making me want to make that a habit!

  2. I usually only order lemon water at restaurants- I’m a picky orderer when I go out. It’s always water with a lemon and no ice! Ha Husband even know how to order it for me now! :)
    I never buy lemons at the store, otherwise I would probably have it more often! I’ve heard that putting a piece of any fruit in water is delicious though!

  3. Wondering if there’s any benefit to the hot part of the equation? I’ve heard many things about just infusing slices of lemon (and orange) in water, but usually it’s cold. Have you heard any reason for having it hot?

    • I believe that if the water is too hot or too cold then it will cause the body to expand energy in order to process it. The key is to have it just luke warm as opposed to boiling hot! If you can’t take the taste of it luke warm, then by all means drink it cold. You should still notice some benefits and it adds some flavor too!

  4. What an interesting post! I had no idea about any of thse… but now I am encouraged to give lemon water a try, hot lemon water that is :)

  5. I try and drink lemon water, but I actually usually forget! I can’t get into the routine of drinking it for some reason!

  6. I do drink warm lemon water every morning and I add a teaspoon of ginger to it. I have lost weight, my skin is much clearer and my appetite stays stable through the day. I also have a glass in the afternoon before lunch and again with dinner.

  7. None of those things you listed as a benefit of hot lemon water is true. In addition, the acid from the lemon erodes your tooth enamel quite badly. Stick to coffee.

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