Organization Techniques

Happy Friday! Words cannot explain my excitement for this weekend! Nothing special is going on, I actually don’t really have any plans at all, but you know what? That’s why I’m excited! It’s been a loooong week to say the least, and quite frankly I am really looking forward to some good ole’ down time with this little guy!


This morning I scarfed down the usual B-fast of choice, which is the same as yesterdays, and the day before that, and the day before that! I didn’t bother taking a photo because A) I forgot and B) I’m sure you can call make an educated guess on what it was! If are so inclined to see it, take a look at this post where you will find a few detailed photographs :)

Organization Techniques

Organization is not something that I struggle with, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of my strongest points either. The hardest part for me is usually to just to start organizing. Once I begin decluttering my bedroom, car, closet etc…I won’t stop until I am done, and everything looks perfect. For the most part I try to organize my bedroom 3-4x per week, my closet 1x per season, my car 1x per month, and my desk once every few months.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to the way I organize my things, I have my own method and it works for me!

I generally try to first thoroughly clean out whatever I am organizing by vacuuming, dusting and using disinfectants.  Then I proceed to put everything in some type of order. Sometimes I get frustrated and go on a “throwing away” rampage, where I throw out a bunch of papers, clothes and nick-knacks that I think I don’t need. Months later, I usually ending up re-buying whatever I threw out, because I find out that I actually do need it!  I have my mother to thank for this type of behavior, no hoarders in this household!

When it comes to organizing my recipes, I am at a loss for words. I have tried electronically storing them in a favorites folder on my computer, I have tried printing them out and putting them in a folder and I’ve also tried the whole recipe box thing. All of these methods worked for a little while, but then quickly faded away within a few months. The problem is that I have SO many recipes that I want to try, but I haven’t yet discovered a method to organize them in way that makes them easily accessible and pleasing to the eye. Any suggestions???


I’m pretty much stumped! I am currently leaning towards creating a “recipe binder” like the one’s pictured below, where I would put my recipes into sheet protectors, and label them by categories. I am hoping that this will work because my current method (or lack there of) is down right BAD!


Source                                                                             Source

It’s really annoying when I know I have a recipe that would be perfect for a certain occasion, but when it comes time to make it, I can’t find it! I either forgot the website, don’t know which magazine I ripped it out of or lost the piece of paper that I wrote it on! Any insight that you could give me on you organize your recipes would be much appreciated! Clearly I need some assistance in this area! Thanks! :)


How do you organize your recipes?

Do you think that you are an organized person?

How often do you organize your room, closet, car, recipes etc ?

Have a GREAT weekend!



  1. My mom organizes her recipes in a binder with sheet protectors; it seems to work well for her because she has SO many of them but doesn’t have the time to write them down or re-type them.

    I have a recipe binder, recipe box, AND cookbooks on my kitchen counter that I would like to somehow consolidate but am just too darn lazy to do it!

  2. I use the binder method. (Three binders, to be exact—one for desserts/sides, one for meat recipes, and one for vegetarian, all with individual sub-tabs.) Because there’s hardly any room in our kitchen, I just take one sheet out at a time and put it back in the binder when I’m finished.

    • I’m glad to know that this works for you! I think I am going to try to creat one binder to start and see how that goes. If it works I may have to make multiples like you have! Thanks :)

  3. Haha that recipe photo had me cracking up – that’s a great way to organize recipes! Lol. I should even create a category on my blog: “Least viewed and commented recipes”. “Most popular recipes”. But I know what it would be – healthy dinners and salads vs. chocolate recipes. Lol.

    Your puppy is adorable!!!

  4. I need to do some organizing and spring cleaning! Thanks for the reminder:)

  5. I print my recipes and keep it between my cookbooks, then when I need it, I just take the one and work with it. However, my problem is I never follow the recipe…:)

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