Why I Love Shopping at Whole Foods

Hello everyone! How’s everyone’s “leap hump day” going so far? Mines not too bad, except for the fact that there is some dreaded snow in the forecast for today! Boooooo, I definitely think it has something to do with today being February 29th. Does anyone else ever wonder what it’s like to be born on leap year? I mean you only celebrate your true birthday ever 4 years! So what do you do the other years? I assume that you would celebrate on March 1 or February 28th, right?



This morning I enjoyed the usual Chobani with ground flax seed alongside my extra large (decaf) coffee. Typical but delicious :)


Yesterday I was determined to get my hands on some brown rice sushi for lunch. Since  I was craving more than just the mediocre sushi offered at the nearby Shaws supermarket, I decided to venture of to my local Whole Foods Market instead.

I am sometimes skeptic about going to Whole Foods during lunch because there’s almost always traffic, the place is always a madhouse at lunch time, and for some reason I always walk out with WAY more than the few items I initially went in for.  Despite all of these reasons holding me back I still decided to go, and I’m glad I did, because it was totally worth it! There’s just something about shopping at Whole Foods that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Everything from the atmosphere, the large array of options and the people always make for a wonderful shopping experience! And oh ya, the sushi is to-die-for!

Why I Love Shopping at Whole Foods

Pleasant Ambiance: The aisles are brightly lit, the sections are neatly organized and the food is displayed in an very appealing way. I like that don’t have to fish through tons of processed foods to find what I am looking for. They also have these large chalkboard signs all around the market that they use to spread their message, and to display useful information about certain products. I’m not sure if it’s just a great marketing technique, but seeing signs like this all around the store puts me in the right mindset, as well as provokes me to purchase new foods that I otherwise would have passed right by.


Diverse Options: Whole foods offers a wide variety of wholesome, organic and exotic foods. Their selection and quality of products its pretty much through the roof! You can find anything from fresh produce, meats, seafood, authentic cheeses, organic chocolate, raw ingredients, cooked ingredients, gluten free options, lactose free options, vegan/vegetarian options, prepared foods and much more. The list is endless! Along with their superb selection of food products, they also have a section of the store dedicated to products other than food called the  “Whole Body” department. In this department, you can find organic hair and skin products, as well as organic shampoo, soap, toothpaste vitamins and much more. It really is one-stop-shopping (but better)!

Great Customer Service: The customer service at Whole Foods is beyond excellent. Every employee that I have ever had to deal with has been polite, and willing to go out of their way to help me find what I need.  I like that their service is unobtrusive, yet readily available. I have never had to hunt down an employee to ask them a question, nor do they try to sell me products that I have no interest in. They are all knowledgeable and universally helpful, which makes for a pleasurable shopping experience.

Free Samples: Who doesn’t love free samples?!?  The particular Whole Foods market I shop at almost always offers several free samples . Everything from cheese cubes with toothpicks, tiny paper cups of soup, chips with dips, organic brownies, fruit and much more is there for me to try if I wish.  Of course I almost always take way more than my fair share of samples, but I typically end up buying something that I sampled every time!

Great Deals: Whole Foods does have the reputation for being expensive, but you do indeed get what you pay for. They go out of their way to buy locally-grown produce (which is unfortunately more expensive). They’re also involved with a number of charities, including micro credit organizations in third-world countries. Sometimes they even have “5% days” where they give five percent of their profits away to a charity. If you’ve never shopped at Whole Foods due to your budget, I recommend that you give it another try. They offer some great coupons that you can find on their website and in flyers, as well as their in store “365″ brand which is fabulous.

I personally look forward to every time I visit my local Whole Foods market. I don’t mind splurging a little bit when I go because I always feel better about myself when I leave. In the end, I am spending money on bettering my health, as well as supporting local farmers and national charities!

I love you Whole Foods!


Do you shop at Whole Foods? What do you like/dislike about it?

Do you have any suggestions on how to get more” bang for your buck” while shopping at Whole Foods?

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  1. I love whole foods- I plan on going later today! The only thing I don’t like is that it does seem to be pretty pricey- but I guess that’s why the quality is so great!

  2. I’m not a regular Whole Foods shopper just because of the cost, but they are great for those specialty items. For my bridal shower my mom went to the bakery counter and got a bunch of petite fours it tons of different varieties and they turned out to be a big hit!

  3. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods – I wish there were one near me! The closest one is 2+ hours away!

  4. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods- but we have one being built right now! We also just got a Natural Grocers- it opened a couple days ago. Im excited about these natural food stores :)

  5. I wish I had a Whole Foods near me. I used to live near one, and while I loved the pre-prepared foods, I hated how much money I’d always spend there. It was out of hand!

    I do have a Dunkin’ near me though – love their coffee! :)

    • It can get out of hand I agree, I need to use self control otherwise I’ll buy everything in site! There is a dukin on pretty much every corner in MA, I love their coffee too!

  6. I love Whole Foods, wish it was closer to me. It’s 50 miles! Eck!!

  7. Hello love!!

    I SO love Whole Foods! Love their hot bar and salad bar, love their 365 brand they have, and I just love it!

    My wallet does not though ; )

  8. I live near Nuggets, Trader Joes, but not a single Whole Foods! I have yet to step into one, even though I really want to!

    • I’ve actually never heard of Nuggets. Trader Joe’s is like a much smaller Whole Foods, still good but less options. Come to Boston we have lots of Whole Foods for you to chose from! :)

  9. Whole foods, I miss you so much! Since we moved from Seattle to the middle of the country where only one store brand exists, it’s been rather difficult time to find good organic food. I do drive sometimes to Dallas (5 hours one way) or Tulsa (2 hours one way) to get what I need. I miss the local deals, although I still receive e-mails from them. I miss Whole foods being just a few block away, I don’t miss the traffic during the lunch time though…:)

  10. WF has awesome customer service, but it’s like 30 mins away from my hosue so I really don’t end up going often :)

  11. Wholefoods is amazing! I like to go into the stores and just walk around and look at all the food and products. I find it relaxing!

  12. I only have a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods nearby, no “real” grocery stores, but it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it’d be. I love love love WF’s white pizza. Since there’s one a 5 minute walk from my house, I have to restrain myself from going there more often just for pizza and a salad for dinner. I try to pay attention to their coupons (online and in the store both) and sometimes you can get a pretty good deal.

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