Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I can’t wait to get through this work day, so that I can get on to my weekend! I have a fun and busy few days ahead of me, so I’m feeling quite antsy this morning!

Here’s my first installment of “Fun Facts Friday”, enjoy!

1) I’m starting to think that I may have an allergy, or slight sensitivity to mushrooms. A few weeks ago, after having a mushroom omelet for dinner, I woke up around 3 a.m with the worst nausea ever! I assumed that I must have just gotten a “bad” mushroom or egg, and thought that was why I felt nauseous. Well last night, I had just a few sautéed mushrooms with my dinner, and lo and behold, AGAIN I was awoken by this terrible nausea. This time it was not AS bad, but it was definitely still there. I’ve been eating mushrooms my whole life, and have never experienced a reaction/sensitivity up until now. With that being said, my nauseous feeling could be completely unrelated, but I think it’s too coincidental that both times I had mushrooms this month, I woke up nauseous. I’m confused!Help!


2) I thought that if I put my parking ticket on my desk, I would pay it quicker since it would constantly be in my line of vision. WRONG!  The parking ticket has been sitting on my desk for 4 days now, and I have still yet to pay it! Boo!

3)Yesterday I had 2 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast (not yogurt), shocking I know!

4) I have been using Purell like CRAZY lately, because more than half of the people at my work are sick! Ugh!

5)It’s snowing out today for the first time this month. I hope it doesn’t stick to the ground, that would be really annoying. I’m not particularly fond of snow, in case you haven’t already noticed.

6) I play Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends and Scrabble With Friends at least once a day!



7)Yesterday around 1 p.m, my hand randomly started to bother me. I didn’t think anything of it, and just figured that it was because I was typing more than I usually do. Approximately one hour later, I decided to put my hair in a pony tail by using the elastic that I was wearing around my wrist. Well, when I took the elastic off  I noticed a huge black and blue ring around my wrist! Good job Stellina! Leave it to me to almost cut my circulation off!

8) The Pandora Love Song station has been playing some great songs lately. I highly suggest that you check it out, if you like that sort of thing! ;-)


9) Today it payday! Wooooooo!

10) It would mean a lot to me if you stopped by my Facebook page and clicked “like”, or if you followed me on Twitter. It’s the little things my friends, the little things!


What are some random facts about you?



  1. I have the same sanitizer problem right now – but it really helps prevent you from getting sick. That is so weird about mushrooms – it is like you developed a sensitivity to them?

  2. I just ordered a ton of little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works! You can never have too many in my opinion :)

  3. I play all those game daily too! Sometimes the hubby and I will both sit on the couch at night and catch up on all our games for the day! If it makes you feel any better, Im allergice to Avocados and Flaxseed- 2 wierd allergies I found this year.

  4. Oh no! Don’t get sick! Hopefully all your coworkers heal up over the weekend. :) Happy Friday!

  5. Ahh I play words with friends too.. like no one’s business! Nooo don’t get sick, I am sending healing vibes your way!

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