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I love running on the treadmill, but if I forget my headphones at home, the treadmill quickly becomes the DREADMILL.  Even with all the perks such as being able to track my speed, incline,distance and calories burned, I STILL find the treadmill to be insanely boring, if I don’t have music. So, what’s a girl to do if she forgets her music at home? Turn around and call it a day? Well I was thinking about it, but instead I decided to stay. Luckily, I was able to use some other creative methods to keep myself entertained, even without the help of my headphones.


How to Beat Treadmill Boredom

Add Variety: Include intervals in your workouts. Instead of just running at one constant speed, change it up. Try out some Tabata style workouts such as this one, or make up your own. Jot down a quick workout before you leave your house, and try to follow it exactly. Having a plan to go by will keep your mind engaged on your intensity, not on the clock.


Race the Person Next to You: Pick a treadmill next to someone who looks like their training really hard. Glance at the display on that person’s machine and try to work harder than they are. It’s a good way to give yourself an extra little motivation, and they won’t even know that you are racing them.


Change your Attitude: If you get onto the treadmill thinking that you will be bored to death, then you probably will be. Remember that the mind controls the body, and if you are able to run with music, than you can surely run without it too. Although it is nice to have music, a book, a magazine or a friend to help you get through your run, you should not have to rely on any of these distractions. Enjoy the fact that its just you, your body and your thoughts. Don’t let a gadget choose whether or not you will run!


How do you avoid getting bored on the treadmill?

Do you run with or without music?


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  1. I definitely have to run w/ music or preferably the TV. My gym has personal TV’s on each machine so when something good is on- time flies! Intervals also help the time go by faster!

  2. I too have TV’s at my gym, but sometimes when I do sprints the cords get in my way or my headphones will fall out so I will just take them out. I will still keep the tv on, but I like to have my own thoughts while running. I almost never run with music though, I won’t even lift with music. I find it distracts me too much.

  3. I think I beat running boredom by realizing the faster I run the sooner I’ll be done then I get excited and speed up, lol. At the gym when I can watch TV time totally flies.

  4. I barley use the TV for that very reason. I do use music A LOT, but it’s nice to just be able to run without something blaring into my ears sometimes.

  5. There is no way I am getting on the treadmill without my headphones. I get bored INSTANTLY without them!

  6. Hi Stellina! Thank you so much for the link love! As for beating boredom on the treadmill, I usually give myself intervals or a pre-written workout to do because if I write it down, I’m so much more likely to get it done! I also change up my playlists a LOT – it’s amazing how good songs can make the time fly! I find that changing up my cardio machines helps too. If I start to dread my runs, I’ll mix in some StepMill or spinning. After a while, I’m ready to hop back on the treadmill! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. oh yea, if I don’t have headphones, ANY cardio equipment gets thrown out of the equation! I used to try and race the person next to me as well! A little friendly competition to push the envelope right?

  8. These are awesome tips! I need to learn from you because I usually HATE running on the treadmill without music!

  9. These are great tips! Even though I dont spend much time on the dreadmil, I know these will come in handy. :)

  10. I need music for sure! I love pandora for great channels to jam out too! I of course download tunes too!

    Happy Sunday! <3


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