Three Cheers for CHO!

Can you imagine how excited I was when this package was delivered to my front door a few days ago?!

The generous folks over at Chobani found out how much I LOVE their yogurt, and offered to send me a 12- cup sample of their 3 newest flavors!


Of course I accepted, I mean how could I resist an opportunity to fuel my yogurt addiction ? ;-)

I don’t know about you but I love sampling food, especially food that I’m pretty sure I will like! They sent me the blood orange, apple cinnamon and passion fruit flavors, all of which were nothing but good!

I was immediately drawn to the apple cinnamon flavor, so I made sure to get a taste right away! Oh.Em.Gee. This stuff is heavenly! I’ll have to admit, I was scared about these new flavors being a little too sweet for my liking, but I’m glad I was all wrong. The creamy texture and tangy-ness makes the apple cinnamon flavor taste like an apple pie yogurt! It definitely my new favorite! Second on my list is the blood orange flavor, then the passion fruit. The passion fruit is quite interesting because it has the little seeds in it, which gives it a nice crunch. I’m glad I got to sample these because I’ve always loved Chobani, but now that they’ve come out with these unique new flavors, I love them even more! :)

I can totally see myself enjoying one of these flavors as a nice afternoon pick me up, or as a post workout snack that tastes like dessert! Up to this point if someone were to ask me what my favorite flavor of Chobani was, I would have went with the plain. Although I do still LOVE the plain, I now have a few new flavors to add to my favorites list! These new items will definitely become regulars in my fridge.

Chobani you have won my heart over once again!

Thank you!


Have you tried any of Chobani’s new flavors?

What is your favorite CHO flavor?



  1. ooh, I LOVED that new blood orange Chobani flavor!! So fun that you got a bunch to sample. :)

  2. Blueberry used to be my favorite Chobani flavor, but now apple cinnamon is my #1. They nailed the flavor!

  3. Oh my, there’s a blood orange Chiobani yogurt now? Must try.

    My favorite flavor is peach.. been adding chia seeds to make the yogurt even thicker than it already is lately.

  4. That is awesome! The blood orange sounds amazing.

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  5. Following you on Twitter!


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