How to Go Greek

Greek yogurt that is!

If you have not yet discovered the new trend revolving around Greek yogurt, please let me take a few minutes to enlighten you on this wonderful, and newly popular super food! Not only is Greek yogurt creamier and tangier than its conventional counterpart, it is also less sweet, healthier and keeps you feeling fuller longer!  This is because it goes through a process that strains it extensively to remove most of the liquid whey, lactose, and sugar, giving it its thick consistency. Although it usually has about the same calories as other healthy non-Greek yogurts, it has double the protein and less than half of the sugar, carbs and sodium content! This alone makes it an excellent choice for diabetics and non-diabetics alike!  Even the fat free/0% versions, taste just like many of the full-fat options.

If  you have been following My Yogurt Addiction for a while you know that Greek yogurt is my favorite kind. I almost always enjoy a cup of 0%, plain Chobani mixed with some sort of “fix-in” (i.e: flax, chia, fruit etc…) for breakfast, as well as an afternoon or late night snack.


I know that several of you are probably thinking, “I really want to like Greek yogurt but I just can’t get past the taste, texture, flavor, whatever…” No worries my friends, there are PLENTY of way ways to sneak Greek yogurt into your diet, so that you too can partake in the extensive health benefits it offers.

How to Go Greek

Dips and sauces

Use it in place of many other high calorie/high fat dips such as sour cream for chips, fajitas and tacos.



Add some Greek yogurt to your fruit or vegetable smoothie, and you won’t even know it’s there!


Whipped Cream

Top it over some fruit, ice cream, waffles or pancakes for a healthier version of a whipped topping.


Frozen Yogurt

Just throw it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze, or purchase the already frozen Greek yogurt such as this one made by Oikos.


Substitute it for some of the high fat ingredients such as oil, shortening, whole milk, butter and heavy cream when baking. By using Greek yogurt in place of these ingredients you will be saving on the cholesterol, fat and calories, but not losing out on the creaminess of say frosting, or the moistness of banana bread.


Source                                                        Source

Dressing, Spread or Topping

Use it in place of a high calorie ranch dressing or mayonnaise, as well as a topping for a baked potato, or a tangy marinade for fish or chicken.


Baby Food

Mix it in with some of your baby’s baby food (such as mashed bananas), or allow them to eat it straight up by giving them some baby specific Greek yogurt brands such as Stonyfields YObaby or Chobani’s Champions ,specifically made for kids. Of course, you should always check with you pediatrician before feeding your child something new!


Source                                                                                     Source


So there you have it my friends, several ways on how to “Go Greek”.  No more excuses! Stay tuned for other Greek yogurt posts relating to recipe’s, brands, comparisons etc…

Have a great day!


Do you like Greek yogurt? If so, how often do you consume it?

What is your favorite way to have Greek yogurt?

Is there  any specific post you would like to see in relation to Greek yogurt? For example posts about certain recipe’s, brands, comparisons, flavors etc…?



  1. I loveeee Greek Yogurt! The day I discovered was certainly a fabulous day :) I mostly eat Chobani because it’s the cheapest around me, plus I love pretty much every flavor! Also the protein content is great, especially after a workout. I have greek yogurt!

  2. LOVE Greek Yogurt! It did take me some time to get used to the flavor and texture, but once I was tried a ton of different brands, I’ve since found a favorite and stuck to it ;) In fact, I just had some strawberry Greek Yogurt in my smoothie this morning!

    • It took me about a day to get used to it, haha! I’ve been hooked ever since I found out about all the health benefits and various ways it can be used. I’m glad you like it too :)

  3. I LOVE greek yogurt! Trader Joes has some great flavors for $0.99. I prefer Fage> Oikos > Chobani.

  4. Thanks! It will drastically assist a newbie like me.

  5. I just came across your blog and I love it!! I used to live in Boston (Southie) from 2009-2011… I have been to Solea in Waltham that you posted about, so good there! I miss MA (I now live back in CT where I am from). So anyway, I am obsessed with greek yogurt..and like yourself, I only really like the 0% plain Chobani (I try to avoid sugar as much as possible). I eat it every morning mixed in oatmeal with chia seeds and peanut butter, so filling and so good! I definitely want to try adding it to other foods as dips, etc. So glad I found this blog :)

  6. I absolutely love your blog and just came across it! I used to live in MA – first in Waltham and then Southie from 2009 – 2011. I loved Solea!! (I now live back in CT where I am from).. anyway, have to say I am with you on the Greek Yogurt obessesion. Like you, I only like the 0% plain Chobani. I eat it every morning mixed with flax oatbran, chia seeds, and peanut butter – so good and so filling! I definitely want to try more things with dips, etc. So glad I found your blog!

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! Boston is a great place! Greek yogurt is probably one of my most favorite things as well! Thanks for stopping by, come again soon :)

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  8. Jack Herds says:

    Is it true that there exists a bacon flavored Greek yogurt called “Oinkos”?

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