Groundhog Day

Good Morning and Happy Groundhog day!


Today this cute little guy from Pennsylvania whom they call “Punxsutawney Phil”, saw his shadow. You know what that means! Six more glorious weeks of winter to look forward to! Normally this would be a disappointment, but considering this years winter has consisted of nothing but BEAUTIFUL 40-50 degree weather, 6 more weeks of it actually seems quite delightful! Does anyone else find it rather humorous that Groundhog Day is now memorialized by Congress, officially on most calendars, and celebrated by millions around the globe? That’s one famous rodent right there folks!

And just because we are on the topic of cute little animals, here’s two quick snapshots of my little critter!

I bet with a few years of experience he could predict the weather just like the groundhog!


Lunch and a manicure are on the schedule for my lunch break. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze both in an hour! Have a great Groundhog day everyone! :)


What’s your take on Groundhog day?



  1. That silly ground hog. We need some freezing weather here in Oklahoma or the bugs next summer are going to be very bad!!!

    • Haha! I didn’t know the bugs were bad in Oklahoma! We have greenheads here in the summertime (not sure if you’ve heard of them?) They are painful little suckers when they bite!

  2. What an adorable puppy! Totally jealous :)

    Since I live in AZ groundhog day is pretty much irrelevant…sun year round is usually the verdict and I”m OK with that!

  3. Lucky! I’ve been to Arizona, it was beautiful! I am so use to living near an ocean tho, it would be a huge change for me!

  4. I hope he’s right! I want 6 more weeks of THIS kind of winter we’re having here in New England rather than the winter we had last year.

    Your pup is adorable :)

  5. Awww, thanks! Yes this weather is JUST fine! Hehe

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