Why Not Start Now?

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

It was a rainy, foggy and overall very dreary morning as I was driving into work this morning.  Normally this would bother me, but today this weather kind of matches my mood, which I would mainly describe as particularly “blah”.  I’m not sad or mad or even annoyed, I’m just “blah”.


Ok, moving onto more positive things! This morning’s breakfast was a repeat of what I have pretty much ALL the time. Take a wild guess, you have 3 seconds. 3…2…1…..Times up! If you guessed yogurt, you are correct! Ding, ding, ding!

Please excuse the recycled image, but that is exactly what it looked like and I forgot to take a picture before I dug in anyway. Woopsie!


Why Not Start Now?

So I might be able to pinpoint some things that have contributed to my overall “blah” mood this morning. If you read my post a couple of days ago about jumping back on the healthy eating bandwagon, then you may have guessed that I myself have sort of fallen off this bandwagon myself.  Another bandwagon that I have kind of fell off of as of right now is the “exercising bandwagon”. I have not been going to the gym or been nearly as active as I was in the past, and that can definitely take a toll on your mood (well mine at least)! I know that these are all (mostly) excuses but a little stress at work and at home, coupled with a few too many tired days and lazy nights, has contributed to my lack of exercise. Each day I keep saying, “tomorrow I will go to the gym” or “Monday I am kick starting my fitness plan” but in reality these are just lame excuses that keep prolonging the “blah-ness” (totally just made up that word).

So today my friends, is the day that I am going to revert to my active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter that it’s Friday and that Monday is just around the corner. It doesn’t matter that I am going to have to leave work at lunch to go to the gym, scramble to change into my workout clothes, and then later drive back to work. It doesn’t matter that it’s raining and raw outside. What matters is that it’s my life, so why not start now?  I need to remember that I ALWAYS feel revived after exercising, and I never regret a workout! 

I know that my body is capable of getting back into a regular fitness routine. For crying out loud, I was a top ten ranked New England junior tennis player back in the day (which actually wasn’t “that” long ago)!

Old school pictures right there guys!

My plan is to go to the gym at least 3 days a week. I don’t want to set my self up for failure, therefore I am not going to set the bar super high (yet).  I want to make sure I do combination of cardio (probably running), along with strength training. Also, I’m going to post my workouts more regularly so that I can track my progress and schedule, and so that I can share them with you!

Woah, I’m glad I got that off my chest, I already feel less “blah”!


Have you ever drifted away from your normal exercise routine?

How did it affect your mood?

What did you do to fix it?



  1. Not exercising totally affects my mood. I skipped a workout yesterday and am already starting to lack energy! So jealous of your breakfast. I can’t get Chobani where I live!

  2. Dang top ten? Awesome!

    Sticking to a normal workout routine is essential for me. My mood depends on it!

  3. There have been many times that I’ve drifted from my normal workout routine, but if I can get back on it right away I usually don’t notice a huge difference; I think just mentally I beat myself up for not sticking with it! Lately when I’m unable to do long workouts, I try and fit in at least a small strength-training or Pilates routine so that I can feel that I’ve done something. A little something is better than nothing in my book!

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