Nike+ Fuel Band

Have you guys heard of the Nike+ fuel band yet?

It is Nike’s newest product that allows you to set goals, and then track how well you are doing by measuring your activity through a sports tested accelerometer.  Sounds pretty cool right? You are able  track your success through the Nike+ website, or the free mobile app so that you can easily see your progress.


It won’t be in stores until February 22, but is currently available for pre-sale at $149.00.  I’ve definitely got my eye on this product, but I’m still not quite sold on the price. $149.00 seems to be a bit much, considering that it is basically a pedometer with a mobile app/website linked to it.  Who knows though?  If it can really get people to stick to their goals it may be worth even more than the retail price.


I think the Nike+ Fuel Band is more about building awareness than helping people set goals. If someone can visually see the number of steps that they have taken, how many calories they’ve burned and how far off (or close) they are to their goals, they might make healthy changes that could last a lifetime. Of course, there is also the counter reaction that could provoke people to become overly obsessed by the numbers that this device generates.  It will be interesting to see if any debates arise once the Nike+ Fuel band is released.

What do you think?

Is this product a worthy investment, or is it just another one of Nike’s brilliant marketing tactics that provokes us to spend money?

Would you buy the Nike+ Fuel Band?



  1. I think it’s both a brilliant marketing tactic to make more money and a worthy investment. If, in a capitalist society, a company creates a product that the people want, more power to them. But more importantly, I think it’s a great idea to make a, “game,” out of exercise! Face it, video games and overall lack of activity has turned much of this country into a very unhealthy population. A little healthy competition between friends and family is not a bad thing, and if people develop healthier bodies and lifestyles in the process all the better! I see no downside to this product, unless it’s just junk like the Jawbone Up…

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