Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Bandwagon

Good morning friends!

Lots to talk about on the agenda today but first, breakfast!

This morning I enjoyed my normal cup of chobani plain 0% yogurt with some ground flax seed mixed in alongside my large cup of DD’s (decaf) coffee with skim milk.

Today I  noticed that there is a legitimate crack (see crack circled in red) on one of my glasses lenses :( . Big bummer considering these are my favorite glasses, and that crack looks magnified x10 when I look through my glasses. I guess I’m going to have to get them repaired asap. BOO.


Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Bandwagon

So I’m sure that many of you are probably going through this right now, or have gone through this before.  Everyone experiences healthy eating slip-ups at some point in their life.  You were doing so well, eating your vegetables, watching your portions and getting enough sleep but then slowly, or maybe all of a sudden you start to fall off track.  Maybe you overindulged on a little too much birthday cake, perhaps you decided to sleep in instead of go to the gym or maybe you just got back from a long vacation. Whatever the interruption may be is irrelevant, the point is that we have all been there. You feel as though your diet is completely sabotaged, you are back at square one, and the very thought of giving up your favorite foods again makes you cringe. The reality is that slip ups do happen and WILL happen, the important thing is making sure you get back on track.

Here are 5 tips that  I use to help me jump back onto the healthy eating bandwagon.

1) Don’t dwell on the past

What has happened has happened and you cannot change the past.  Instead, realize the mistakes that you have made and recommit to your healthy lifestyle. For me, I try to remember that there is nothing a little self-control and self-discipline cannot fix. Think positive, and think about the future!


2) Rid your house of trigger foods

Throw away, giveaway or hide the foods that you know you cannot just have one of.  Chances are if there are no cookies in the cookie jar, then you will not accidentally eat the whole jar. It will be easier for you to stick to your plan, if you don’t have these trigger foods staring you in the face.  For instance, it’s very hard for me to eat just a handful of banana chips. I try to only have them around my house in small quantities, or only on special occasions.

3)Prep your fridge and cupboard

Once you’ve gotten rid of all your trigger foods, you have got to make sure you have healthy foods/snacks on hand when hunger strikes.  A general rule of thumb for me is to always have my fridge stocked with plenty of  fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, healthy fats and of course Greek yogurt (but that one was kind of obvious!). Even if you do slightly over-indulge in some sort of all natural wholefood, you will not be doing any harm to your body, and you will not feel bad about it.


4)Don’t skip meals

Whatever you do, do not skip meals (especially breakfast)! This actually has an adverse effect and provokes you to binge.  I’m sure that you have all heard this time and time again but it really is important to remember to eat!  It’s not always easy since we have the tendency to get caught up in our hectic lifestyles, but it is a critical component to healthy living. I know that I do not have time to eat breakfast at my house before I leave in the morning for work, but I always pack a yogurt or another healthy and filling option to get me through the morning.  Similarly, I always have an apple, some almonds or another portable snack in my purse at all times. You never know how long you will be stuck in traffic or how long you will be stuck in that meeting.


5) Get enough sleep

Everyone requires a different number of hours of sleep for them to function normally throughout the day (usually between 7-9 hours for most people, but there are those that require slightly more or less). I know that if I do not get 7.5 hours or more of sleep I feel extremely sluggish and snack in order to try and gain energy.


What helps you get back on the healthy eating bandwagon?



  1. Hi Stellina,
    Never a good thing to find that you have a chip in your lenses. As yo say even though it is hardly noticeable to others from your point of view it is far more noticeable. I suggest several places to get a new lenses cut and replaced. First is Wal-Mart, then there is Sam’s Club and Costco. You can check with them all in your area to see which is the cheapest. But I am quite sure they will all be right around $60.00 – $75.00 for a new lens including the standard AR coating, Now your prescription looks to be rather strong so if you also get a high index (thinner) that may add about $30.00 to those prices.


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