We wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Hi everyone!

Words cannot explain my excitement this morning! The Patriots are going to the Superbowl for the 4th time and its an all around GREAT feeling! All my family members are HUGE football fans so you can only imagine the ruckus going on last night.

My aunt invited us over for an AFC Championship party last night so that we could all share our excitement together. There was a lot of screaming, screeching and of course lots of eating going on.

I really did not take many any pictures at all due to all of the chaos, BUT I can let you know that many of these were consumed throughout the evening!

This morning I awoke as I normally do at 6:35 a.m and drove to work in this gorgeous absolutely horrendous weather.

I was parked in traffic for all of you who are about to tell me not to take photos while driving!

Finally I arrived at work, chowed down on some Chobani and now I am finally about to get crackin’ on some morning to do’s. Happy Monday kids! Goooo PATS!

Are you going to watch the Superbowl? Which team are you rooting for?



  1. I’ve never gotten into football. I don’t understand the sport regardless of how many times friends/family try to explain the sport to me!

  2. That game was so good! I am rooting for the PATS all the way. I am nervous because our last matchup with the Giants in the SuperBowl did not turn out well.

  3. @ Jenn I used to be like that too, but i think my moms football fan blood has finally rubbed of on me!

    @ Mattie I’m so nervous but at least we get revenge this time!

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